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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's your story?

If there is one thing I learned in Solo Class, it's that everyone has a story.  (I actually learned a lot in Solo, but that's not the point of this post.)  If you have lived, if you are alive, you have a story.  Whether you are one-hundred years old, or just a few minutes old, you have a story.  Of course, the person who is 100 will have a much longer, richer story, but the person who is just a few minutes old has a story as well- who are his/her parents?  How was birth?  Did he/she come out via natural birth, or was it a C-Section?  Anyway...

Each day has its own story.  Life is a story, whether it is one person's short life, or the entire existence of life itself.  I think that's why people love stories so much- they are a reflection of life, meant to intrigue us and try to help us better understand the chaos we live in and contribute to every day.  We search for explanations of the world around us, seek to know our inner selves, and strive to expand our intellectual horizons (at least, most of us do.  If you're reading this, I'm betting you're probably one of those people just because you're reading).

Whether it's a true story, a ficticious story, an exaggerated story, or a fragmented story, we all love stories.  We devour them on a daily basis, through movies, books, novelettes, FaceBook posts, Tweets, magazine articles, news reports, word-of-mouth, and so many other mediums.

I love telling stories.  I love sharing my own personal story as well as writing the fictional stories I create.  Writing is an addiction, a hobby, and hopefully soon a career.  Days I am unable to write feel less productive, even if I've spent the entire day cleaning house, cooking, making a fort out of toothpicks, or working on other projects.  I need to write, be it five words or two-thousand.  I can't think of a day in recent memory where I didn't write something, even if it was only a status update or a text message.

Today I wrote some revisions for Shadows in the Window, as well as added a new chapter.  I'm very excited about it!  Tomorrow, Danny is going to make a cover for me.  I'm not sure what I want, but I'll have to come up with something so he'll have at least a basic idea to work with.  (He created the cover for The Secret Room, and I think it turned he did a fantastic job!)  I feel really good about Shadows in the Window, and I hope that if you're reading this post that you will also read Shadows in the Window when it comes out.  (It'll be free for the first five days of availability, so you have no reason not to.  After that, it's just $0.99.  You can't even get a cup of black coffee for $0.99 any more!)

With Shadows in the Window, I feel the story is strong and interesting.  Well, at least interesting.  Maybe.  I'm not sure, I am probably a terrible judge of my own work- usually I either love it or absolutely loathe it, when it usually turns out to be somewhere in the middle in most peoples' opinion.  My goal is not to just tell a good story, but to tell it well.  I want characters to be interesting, events to keep the reader on the edge of the seat, and make the audience want a little more.  You be the judge.  :)

This week, my time is dedicated to finishing up Shadows in the Window. Next week, I'll be starting work on The Secret Room: Beginnings, and from what I have so far in my notes, I think that will be my best work yet.  It'll probably also be my longest!  I'm going to aim for 30,000 words on that one, make it reach novel (instead of novelette or novella) status.  I can't wait!

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