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Thursday, February 9, 2012

SNEAK PREVIEW- Just for you.

Just for my blog readers (all ten of you, haha), I posting a special preview of Shadows in the Window, which is coming out tomorrow.

Here's the cover:

And the description on Amazon:

It was the house sitting dream-job for Rachel.

For the next ten days, it was all hers: a luxurious pool, over-sized beds, her favorite foods, and all the horror movies she could watch.

But this old mansion has some secrets of its own.

Is this amazing house actually haunted?  Or is it just her imagination?

And the first couple paragraphs of the first chapter:

The long, winding road made Rachel wonder if she had the address right.  She had started her own housesitting business about a year ago, and was impressed that she was getting so many jobs.  This one was almost too good to be true- large house, pool, all food included, no strange pets, and an amazing pay rate.  The clients, Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy, were paying her more than double what she usually asked for.  The job was for ten nights, and Rachel knew it would be one of the more luxurious jobs, considering the way Mr. Abernathy described the house over the phone.
Rachel pulled up to the house and looked up in awe.  It wasn’t just a house- it was a mansion.  The structure was magnificent; towering walls lined with brick and stone, countless windows, a lovely porch, two upstairs balconies- one with lounge chairs, the other with a table set- and glorious trees that looked at least a hundred years old.  The mansion nearly resembled a petite castle, and Rachel felt like royalty as she parked her car on the stone driveway.
She grabbed her bag from the trunk and walked up to the double-doors, admiring the intricate designs on the tempered glass that accented the deep wood as she rang the doorbell.  A moment later, a slender, well-dressed woman greeted Rachel.  The woman smiled softly at Rachel, showing just a sliver of her teeth.  Her eyes were deep brown and wide, her slick black hair pulled up tightly into a bun, and she wore a sleeveless, form-fitted black dress that fluttered down past her knees.


  1. Oh.......... I am not a scary story person, but this is going to be good...... can't wait! And the cover is awesome!!!

  2. I hope march is already here... sigh* (-_-)