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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm taking a short break from writing so I can write.

I've spent almost the entire day writing, blowing my previous word count record out of the water.  Previous record was around 2,200 words in a day- today's count is 4,326!  My fingers have been going all day.  The ink on the A, S, and E keys on my keyboard are almost completely faded away (though not just from today, but this may have been the final nail in their coffin).  It's pretty easy to tell which keys I use the most.

I was thinking today about pseudonyms.  If I had used a pseudonym, I would use the first name Paige.  It's a great name, and holds a double-meaning since I, you know... write.  I've been thinking about writing a couple of things in a genre far different from my usual stuff, and considering using a pen name just so people don't confuse one work for the other.  I'd hate to have someone expecting to find a children's book and come across a bunch of horror stuff.  Bedtime stories would be so different that night!  But I like the name Paige.  If I were to use a pen name, the first name would definitely be Paige.  The last name?  Turner.

There was a nice blanket of snow here yesterday.  It was sticking for a while, but didn't stay for long.  I went out and played in it for a little bit.  Let the 10-year-old in me out to play for a little while.

I'm going to get back to work for maybe another hour or so.  Tonight, the story is just flowing, and I'm loving it.

In Loving Memory of A, S, and E


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