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Monday, January 16, 2012

Writer's Block! Writer's Block Everywhere!

My first post and I already have writer's block.  I have no idea what I'm going to write about on this blog, but I do know it is going to center around my writing, and I do know it will be chock-a-block full of helpful information I learn along the way.  (So if you're a newbie to the self-publishing world or want to soon be, follow along!  I'm not new to writing, but I am new to publishing.)

I'm brand spanking new in this self-publishing world, but so far I'm enjoying it.  Last Sunday, I published my first novelette on Amazon.com.  It's a supernatural thriller titled The Secret Room, about a man named Jimmy who moves into this old house and discovers a hidden room in the basement, along with the ghost host that lives inside of it.

After doing a lot of research and seeing that most new Kindle authors sell between 1-3 copies a day on average, I was expecting to sell ten copies or so this month, if any at all.  As soon as I published it, I enrolled in the Kindle Select program and put the novelette on a five-day free promo.  Over the five days, more than 1,700 people got my book!  I was amazed, and happily surprised that so many people wanted to read my novelette.  The free promo ended Friday night, and I was expecting my sales to dramatically drop- I was hoping for maybe one or two a day at best, especially since I'm still figuring out how and where to market it, but thus far, over three days, I've sold 60 copies!

Currently, I'm working on another thriller story.  My title (at least for now- I may change it) is "Reflections in the Window."  I may change it if I decide that it sounds too much like an old woman sitting in her house reminiscing of yesteryear as she looks out through the window and dreams of being young again, but the title goes well with a key point in the story.  I've done the outline, but I seem to have come to a hole in the story at the moment, so I'm trying to work out a couple of angles and get the kinks worked out.  I also have a feeling that once I have more than one piece of work available, it'll be easier to market the others.  We'll see, I guess.

• "Reflections in the Window" (as mentioned above)
• "The Secret Room: Beginnings" (a prequel to "The Secret Room" that details how Elias, the ghost host, got to be where he is)
• Zombie Apocalypse novel, as of yet untitled.  (I've been reading a lot of zombie fiction, and frankly, most of it is crap.  Once in a while I find a gem, but for the most part, it is poorly written material.)

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