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Friday, July 27, 2012

Gift Card Giveaway! Zombies are almost HERE!

If all goes according to plan, I'll be hitting the "Submit for Publication" button tomorrow at 7pm for Silence of Souls!  If I'm estimating Amazon's review process correctly, it should be available on August 1st!  I'm so excited.

As promised, I'm going to give away prizes to readers.  If I sell 500 copies in the first 30 days (August 1st, 12:00am PST to September 1st, 11:59pm PST), I am going to give FIVE readers each a $20 Amazon gift card!

So here's how it's going to work:
1) Take a screenshot of the "Thank you for your purchase of Silence of Souls" page, like this one (or the mobile version, whichever you use):

If you don't know how to take a screenshot, forward the email with the purchase receipt.

2) Include your name (at least first name, please) and how you heard about Silence of Souls.

3) If you "Gift" a copy of Silence of Souls to someone, you can enter that entry into the contest as well.  Just be sure to send the screenshot or receipt of any purchase of Silence of Souls to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com.

Send the entry to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com

On September 2nd, I'll use a random generator to pick five winners.  The winners will be announced (first name only) on my blog and will receive an email notification that they have won!  (Your email address and all other personal information will not be shared!  I will ONLY post your first name!)


If you want your name entered into the drawing more than once, there's a couple of bonus ways you can enter (each one will be one additional entry into the drawing; complete them between August 1st 12:00am PST and September 1st 11:59pm PST)):

1) Tweet about Silence of Souls using the hashtag #silenceofsouls.

2) Share Silence of Souls on Facebook and send a link to the post or a screenshot of it to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com.

3) This one will be worth TWO additional entires to the drawing: create a cast list!  Pretend Silence of Souls is being made into a feature film, and YOU are the Casting Director!  Pick the actor or actress you want to see in each role.  Cast five or more roles and email your list to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com.

4) This one will be worth TWO additional entries to the drawing: draw/paint/create a picture of one of the characters from Silence of Souls.  Email the photo to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com or post it here!

5) This one will be worth FIVE additional entries into the drawing: post a video of you acting like one of the characters in Silence of Souls!  It can be anyone you want, get creative!  Email the link to silencegiveaway@yahoo.com or post a link to the video in the comments section on this post.

I'd love to share some of the stuff you send, so please let me know in your email if I have permission to post your cast list, pictures, and/or video on my blog, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Thank you everyone, and best of luck!!


  1. Stefanie - I downloaded the ebook version of Silence of Souls on July 30th. Can I still enter? I'm not sure how I heard about it, but I'm almost certain it was announced on a blog somewhere... maybe even this one! It sounded like a really interesting book, so I clicked the link and got it.

    Grampy Lee

  2. Of course! I didn't think it would be available as soon as it was, so any one who got a copy over the weekend is more than welcome to participate. I'm still leaving the closing date as September 1st, but now there's two extra days at the beginning. ;)