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Monday, July 9, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

It's always a bit intimidating when you make a life-changing decision, but often the most challenging ones give the biggest reward.

This decision I currently have on my mind is something I've been thinking about doing for about a year and a half, maybe longer.  I feel that now is a great time to invoke this decision, as I feel I am educated enough on the subject (and have gathered enough resources for all those questions I will need to ask along the way) to do it well and continue on the right path, learning more as I go along.  Danny is totally on board with this, and thinks it's an absolutely wonderful idea.  He's not going to commit to it 100% right away because he's not sure it's something he would want entirely for himself, but wants to try his best to do this along with me for the benefits of it as well as support for me.  I really don't know what I would do without that wonderful man in my life.  <3

While this decision isn't something that anyone would find offensive, I'm not going to reveal what it is just yet.... Mostly because I'm still not 100% sure I can do this.  Just know it's something I've thought long and hard about, have read up on a lot, and feel that it is right for me.  It's not something I would ever force someone else to do, nor do I think people who choose other options are in the wrong.  Far from it- I think it's personal choice and preference, and while it's the right choice for me it might not be the right choice for you.

I made three collages on my computer today (yay for software that makes it super easy) to keep me motivated and inspired to commit to this decision and make it a lifestyle.  As a hint, I'll post one of the collages:

Click to enlarge

These people all have something in common- they have been living the lifestyle I am aiming to convert to.  Can you figure out what it is? ;)

(Hint: It's not being famous or working in the entertainment industry.)

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