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Friday, May 4, 2012


You know what's awesome?  Reading.

If there is one thing that helps me to improve my writing, it's reading.  There are so many benefits to reading, especially if you're a writer.  For me, I often find things in stories that work well and see things that don't work so well.

I learn new words when I read.  Which is good, because then I'm not using the same words over and over again when I write.  Something I'm always afraid of is sounding repetitive.

But beyond that, I just love reading.  It's so exciting, so relaxing, and finishing a good book feels like a tiny bittersweet accomplishment.

I finished reading the novel a friend of mine wrote, and it was spectacular!  I can't wait to read what he puts out next.

I believe we should read about all sorts of subjects.  Reading about the same thing continuously will make you well-versed on that subject, but opening it up to more subjects can expand your understanding of so many other things.  Even things you don't necessarily believe in can give you an understanding of what other people do and think, which is why I plan to read up on all sorts of religions and belief systems.  On that note, I'm reading a book called Children Who Remember Past Lives by Dr. Ian Stevenson.  It's about children who have memories of a life they purportedly lived before their current incarnation.  I just started it, but the ideas are fascinating.  Up next, I plan to read On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

My reading list is two dozen books.  Maybe I should keep the list shorter, but I love reading.

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