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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Positive Results Breed Positive Motivation

When I first published The Secret Room, it was an amazing feeling to see so many people downloading and reading my work.  During the first five days it was available, I put it on a free promotion in order to get the word out about it and I had about 1,800 people download it in the five-day span.  Right now on this promo it's at 572 downloads, in just the first day!

When Shadows in the Window went up, I put it on a free promotion for its first five days, just like I did with The Secret Room.  It sold around 1,200 copies during that time.  In this promo's first day, it's already at 313 downloads!

Since it is a holiday weekend and many are off for 3 days, I decided to put both books on a free promo since Amazon gave me a few more promotion days to use.  The Secret Room and Shadows in the Window both went up for free a little after midnight this morning.  Now, they are currently BOTH in the Top 100 in Kindle's Horror section!  Shadows in the Window is #67 and The Secret Room is #6!  Having one book in the Top 100 is amazing enough, but to have TWO is completely indescribable!

I'd love to have this keep going, and if any of you would be willing to share the links to my books on your blog, FaceBook (check out the brand-new author page), Twitter (I'm @smober on Twitter), or anywhere else I would be most appreciative! 

This has been such motivation for me to work more and work harder on my zombie novel. It's getting closer to completion, and I'm loving how it's flowing!  Some of what's happened has even surprised me- certain elements and events just come organically when writing, seemingly out of nowhere.  When that happens, I just let it come and see where it goes- if I don't like it, then I can change it, but most of the time when it "just comes to me" it seems to work much better than when I try to force something.

Even though it is a three-day weekend and most people are off, I'm spending my time writing my novel.  I didn't get a chance to do any work on it on Thursday or Friday, so I've made this a work weekend.  I love writing, and I'm so inspired based on what The Secret Room and Shadows in the Window are doing right now that I wouldn't want to be doing something other than writing!  I am getting close to picking a title, and Danny already has some ideas for the cover.  You'll all be able to read it very soon!

Maybe this will sound corny, but sometimes the story just takes you away and even though it's coming from your imagination, you're hanging on to the edge of your seat waiting to see what develops.  Writing is a thrill!

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