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Monday, March 5, 2012

As one life ends, so another begins...

About an hour after I posted that most recent entry, my Grandpa Dick passed away.  He was an amazing, loving man who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Friday morning, my parents, sister, Danny, my aunt Jo, and my cousin Adam all got in a rental van and drove out to Arizona, where Grandpa Dick and Grandma Anne live.  It was a seven-hour drive, including stops.  When we got there, we got to see most of Grandpa Dick's children whom we hadn't seen since Grandma Anne and Grandpa Dick got married 24 years ago.  (He was my Grandma Anne's second husband, so technically step-Grandfather, but I never thought of him as anything other than grandpa; I knew him much more than I knew my biological paternal grandfather.)  The service was on Saturday, and it was a very nice Catholic mass honoring Grandpa Dick.

About five hours after Grandpa Dick passed, my nephew was born.  Solomon Michael DiSalvo came into the world at 8:26pm on March 1st.  Danny and I got to go see him Friday morning before we left for Arizona, and I'm already in love with that kid.

Thursday was quite an emotional day.  At some points, I didn't know how to feel- so very sad to lose my grandpa, but incredibly elated that my nephew had finally arrived.  I wish I could put the myriad of mixed emotions into words- it's like a swirlled finger painting of drastically different colors.

Life is precious- never forget that.

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  1. As God calls one angel to heaven, he sends another one to fill the void.