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Monday, November 26, 2012

Another zombie novel, a supernatural novel, and a memoir... too much?

Almost a month has passed since my last post.  The sequel to Silence of Souls is nearing completion, and (if things go well this week) I am still on schedule to release it sometime between Christmas and New Year's.

The novel is better than the first, or at least I think so.  It's much deeper, more emotional, and far different than any other zombie novel I've read so far.  Hopefully, it'll gain a lot of readers, though I'm sure there will be people who hate it because of a certain event that takes place in the novel.  This one is definitely NOT for children, and I think parents should be aware of what happens before letting their teenagers read it or not.  Once it's released, I will put up a fair warning (while trying my best not to give away any important plot points) on the page so that people know it has mature content.

Thanksgiving was a fantastic long weekend.  I spent the long weekend camping with family and friends and didn't get on the computer at all.  I didn't force myself to think about work at all either.  It was a good idea, because I came home with a clear head and an imagination yearning to get to work.  As my mind cleared up, new ideas came rushing to me for the rest of Resurgence as well as for my next two novels.

The next novel is a vast expansion of The Secret Room and is going to be an epic battle between good and evil.  It's going to have a lot of supernatural elements in it, and my ideas keep expanding and growing, and I'm loving where this is leading to.  In all likelihood, this will be another series, which I am okay with.  (Don't worry, zombie fans: The Silence of Souls series will continue!) As soon as Resurgence is finished, I'm getting to work on The Secret Room novel (though it won't be called "The Secret Room"; I don't yet have a title for it, though).

Part of me is considering taking on a challenge I've never done before- writing two novels at once.  One will be The Secret Room novel, and the other will be the memoir I've been considering writing for a few years now (and more and more encouragement has come from friends and family to write it).  Discipline will have to be a top priority if writing two at the same time, though one being fiction and the other non-fiction might make it a little easier.  We'll see how things go after Resurgence is released.  :)

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